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Monday, June 22, 2009


Here’s the first AUA guesthouse in place - others are being built, and next door the Division has several.  This is where we’re staying - upper floor on the side away from the camera:


There is a kitchenette with microwave, toaster, stove/oven and refrigerator/freezer.  At the dining table, we have a glass fiber for internet access, which is slow, and intermittent at times.  There are two bedrooms - one double and one twin, with a bathroom in between.  The furniture is local manufacture, serviceable rather than nicely made, but we have everything necessary for comfort.  More - there’s also a TV that probably has satellite feed of some kind - they show CNN in the cafeteria at supper.

Here’s the view out the french doors onto our balcony:

After lunch, we lay down to sleep a bit - the AUA provost called me after about 3 hours (woke me up, but hey!) and came over to talk a bit.  While we stood on the balcony, I saw a bird down below - it’s some kind of ibis that sorts through the grass and leaves looking for its meal…..

Bunch of black and white crows around, plus something that looks and acts like a mockingbird, a swallow with a real swallow-tail, something with a rusty tail, and lots of other stuff.

Having fun so far.  More later.

Posted by Earl on 06/22 at 11:12 AM
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