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Saturday, March 26, 2011


AS YOU HAVE SEEN EARLIER, we’ve been considering a house to buy in Chico.  It’s still under consideration. (Sorry that I can’t make that link take you to the correct page - just click on “Family Matters: New House in Chico” over on the left, and then scroll down to the first post in the list.)

Since we made an offer and the bank accepted it, we’ve paid a professional home inspector to give us a report, and he discovered some serious issues that changed the calculus considerably.  Mainly, it turns out that the house at 1938 Preservation Oak was built in the middle of what is really a seasonal stream - because it’s the low spot along the street and the runoff from the little watershed behind the house runs right across the property.  So, we asked for an extension that was granted by the bank, and we’ve been exploring options and staying in touch with our agent and a top-notch Chico landscape contractor. 

Here’s the back of the house…


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Posted by Earl on 03/26 at 08:31 PM
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