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Thursday, March 17, 2005


What was I thinking, intimating that the Feminists were ignoring Terri Schiavo!?  It isn’t TRUE!!  It’s just that they’re REALLY REALLY busy with important stuff right now. 

“A show that seems to be set up to make fun of fat people or to describe how miserable their lives are, is not sending a good message, and it’s not the right message,” laments National Organization for Women president Kim Gandy.

  You’ve got it right.  On the day before Michael Schiavo is allowed to begin the starvation of his helpless wife, NOW is too busy criticizing Kirstie Alley’s new TV show about an overweight actress to pay attention.  READ it and weep…..  (Thanks to The Corner on NRO)

Posted by Earl on 03/17 at 02:32 PM


We spend millions of dollars on admitted terrorists and murderers, in order to be SURE that they have their rights to avoid capital punishment…...we won’t allow suspected terrorists with knowledge of plans for future murders to be deprived of sleep or culturally approved meals. 

However, unless the Congress of the United States, or the legislature in Florida, intervenes in the next 24 hours, a helpless, dependent, cognitively-impaired woman whose parents love and wish to care for her until her natural death, will be starved and dehydrated for two weeks until she dies. 

Why?  Because her “husband”, now living with another woman and the two children he has fathered with her over the last 10 years, wants his former wife dead.  He’s ready to “move on”, after all.  Where are all those who blather about the “Patriarchy”?  What more egregious example of that bogeyman can be imagined? 

Terri Schindler Schiavo collapsed of a “heart attack” at 26 years old, and for the last 14 years has been denied rehabilitation while her “husband” spent the money the jury gave him for Terri’s care on lawyers arguing to pull her feeding tube. 

READ the whole sickening story….

And then contemplate what we MIGHT be doing here…....

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Posted by Earl on 03/17 at 02:10 PM
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Wednesday, March 16, 2005


If you’re a certified “technophobe”, then this is going to seem like overwhelming reinforcement of your prejudice.  For most of us, who love technology, but may have been a bit suspicious of the “educratic” suggestion that Johnnie’s problem with reading could be solved by spending mega-bucks wiring every classroom to the World Wide Web, it comes as a confirmation of basic common sense. 

“at the elementary school level and below, there is little evidence of lasting gains and much evidence of harm from hours spent in front of screens,” be they television, video game, or computer screens.

  Duh…..  READ the whole thing…..

Posted by Earl on 03/16 at 12:29 PM

Tuesday, March 15, 2005


Honestly, I can’t say it any better than this:

University programs that prepare people for leadership posts in elementary and secondary education range from “inadequate to appalling,” and the Ed.D. degree that many of them receive should be eliminated, according to a report issued on Monday by Arthur E. Levine, president of Columbia University’s Teachers College.

  Who would know better than the man who runs the Teachers College?  READ the whole thing….

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Posted by Earl on 03/15 at 07:28 PM


So, you thought it was just science fiction, right?  I’m thinking of “The Fly”, and “The Island of Dr. Moreau”.  Most of you probably remember a lot more than I do.  But, it’s not just in the horror stories any more. 

The new research field at the cutting edge of the biotech revolution is called chimeric experimentation. Researchers around the world are combining human and animal cells and creating chimeric creatures that are part-human, part-animal.

Right now, we have a mouse with part of its brain made of human cells, and the next step is a mouse with a completely human brain.  But the field has set its sights much “higher”(?) than this…..

Some researchers are speculating about human-chimpanzee chimeras - creating a humanzee. This would be the ideal laboratory research animal because chimpanzees are so closely related to us. Chimps share 98% of the human genome, and a fully mature chimp has the equivalent mental abilities and consciousness of a four-year-old human.

  Surely they can’t do THAT….no one is THAT far along, you say? 

Please understand that none of this is science fiction. The National Academy of Sciences, America’s most august scientific body, is expected to issue guidelines for chimeric research some time next month, anticipating a flurry of new experiments in the burgeoning field of human-animal chimeric experimentation.

“Guidelines” from the National Academy!!  I feel safer already….how about you?  Of course…..there might be advantages…..chimeras of this sort would be immensely strong….. they could do a lot of really nasty tasks that us “real humans” don’t want to do…....  But wait - wouldn’t that be unethical?  We have LOTS of professional ethicists—they’re not going to allow this kind of thing, right? 

Bioethicists are already clearing the moral path for human-animal chimeric experiments, arguing that once society gets past the revulsion factor, the prospect of new, partially human creatures has much to offer the human race. And, of course, this is exactly the kind of reasoning that has been put forth to justify what is fast becoming a journey into a brave new world in which all of nature can be ruthlessly manipulated.

Well, at least we know what FINALLY got Jeremy Rifkin to see the danger.  The indiscriminate killing of small humans in the womb didn’t do it…..refusing dialysis to old people while offering to buy them suicide pills in Oregon didn’t do it…..not even manufacturing human embryos to break up into pieces for the benefit of the rest of us did it…......but human/animal chimeras have gotten his attention.  It’s kind of scary, but he’s ‘WAY ahead of some folks.  And a lot of those folks are the ones who count.  READ IT ALL HERE.

Posted by Earl on 03/15 at 02:40 PM

Friday, March 11, 2005


It almost sounds like a wave of sanity is rolling over The Netherlands!  Skepticism about the total submersion of this small and distinctive country into a superstate dominated by bigger countries is widespread, and as of this writing, it appears likely that the vote on the EU Contstitution will go against that document, and in favor of something a bit more autonomous. 

Outside a café in the main square in Maastricht, a troupe of actors enjoying a midmorning rest recount their grievances against the Union. Oda Selbos, with flowing red hair, said: “The euro is a big issue. Everything has doubled in price. When you went to Spain, it was nice to have a different currency. I want to have my guilder back.”

Frederick Brom declared that he was opposed to the EU harmonising everything. “In the EU, everything becomes the same, and that’s a real pity. When I go to France, I want to eat French cheese made by a farmer in his cellar, but with hygiene standards, everything becomes the same.”


One wonders if, over on the other side of the Channel, the Brits are looking past the rhetoric of their political leadership at the reality that will wash over them if they “join” the euro and the Constitution that is being urged upong them…..are they truly ready to give up parliamentary democracy to be ruled by Germany and France with Belgian bureaucrats in between? 

“It’s just too bureaucratic, too big. The EU and the people are too far apart,” a grey-haired woman said as she scuttled along the cobbled pedestrian streets, lined with traditional Dutch gabled houses. “It gets bigger, bigger, bigger….The Dutch also have particular financial grievances about the EU, because they contribute more per capita than any other country. The Government is angry that, while it has imposed strict controls on public borrowing to adhere to the bloc’s Stability and Growth Pact, which underpins the euro, France and Germany broke the rules, apparently with impunity..”

  Should anybody be surprised at this?  When was it likely that Germany would take actions to benefit the smaller countires of Europe if those actions were likely to cause even short-term harm to its economy?  READ the whole thing. 

Posted by Earl on 03/11 at 08:39 AM

Thursday, March 10, 2005


In 1996, a young female boxer was permanently injured in the ring.  She wanted to kill herself.  However, someone really loved her, and instead of killing her, gave her the help she needed.  Her life isn’t easy, but society is richer and better because her sister loved enough to care for Katie, rather than just dispose of her.  READ the whole thing.

Posted by Earl on 03/10 at 01:40 PM
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